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The Health Control Plan

The Health Control Plan is a set of compulsory documents describing the measures taken by the business to ensure health safety and hygiene.

The Health Control Plan makes it possible to obtain health certification in order to make your business and its products available to the public.

The Health Control Plan includes 4 parts

Your Health Control Plan must consist of 4 major categories:

What are good hygiene practices?

Health Control PlanFor implementation of your Health Control Plan, you can and should consult the good hygiene practices guide for your line of business.

In this guide, you will find good hygiene practices, all the right procedures aimed at controlling the hygiene of foodstuffs, animal feed and animal by-products, depending on your line of business. In your guide, you will also discover the regulatory obligations to be complied with, in particular the health rules defined by regulations (EC) 852/2004, 183/2005 and 1069/2009.

The good hygiene practices guide is a document prepared by professionals for professionals. It is used as a reference during official inspections of food chain professionals.

The objective of the guide is to pool the first steps of the HACCP method by implementing concrete health control steps specific to each food sector and adapted to the structure of the business concerned.

The HACCP plan

Health Control Plan - haccp method okHACCP means Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

HACCP is a method and not a standard. It is aimed at identifying, assessing and controlling major hazards related to the safety of foodstuffs.

HACCP is included in various standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 22000, IFS and the 2006 Hygiene Package.

You will be required to submit your HACCP method when you apply for health certification allowing you to certify compliance of your business with health standards, in order to open your business to the public. It is therefore necessary to prepare your HACCP method very carefully. We will now address a few points to help you prepare the method.

The HACCP method is based on 7 principles defined as 12 steps.

The 7 principles of the HACCP method:

  • 1- Conduct a hazard analysis: Consists of identifying and assessing hazards related to food production.
  • 2- Determine the Critical Control Points (CCP): Consists of determining the Critical Control Points to be controlled in order to eliminate or at the very least reduce health risks
  • 3- Establish critical limits: Consists of determining the critical limits separating acceptable from unacceptable food. The objective is also to determine the target levels and/or tolerance levels in order to reach the CCP.
  • 4- Establish a system to monitor hazard control measures: Consists of establishing test programmes, measurements and observations to provide alerts and ensure the process is followed.
  • 5- Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates that a particular CCP is not under control.
  • 6- Establish verification procedures to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively.
  • 7- Establish documentation including all the procedures and records defined in the principles of the HACCP method.

The 12 steps of the HACCP method:

Preparing an HACCP method will require 12 steps which are the following:

  • 1. Assemble the HACCP team (multidisciplinary team of 6 people at most)
  • 2. Describe the product precisely and in full.
  • 3. Identify the intended use of the product (cooking, processing)
  • 4. Construct the flow diagram of production
  • 5. Confirm the flow diagram of production (confirmation of the diagram by the whole team)
  • 6. List and analyse hazards
  • 7. Identify and rank the Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • 8. Establish critical limits/thresholds for each Critical Control Point (CCP)
  • 9. Establish a monitoring and control system for each CCP
  • 10. Define a corrective action plan.
  • 11. Validate and verify the HACCP plan
  • 12. Create and update the HACCP plan

Food traceability system

Health Control Plan - control of the consomation deadlines Food traceability is conducted and monitored by several stakeholders: Producers, quality departments, logistics, warehouse staff, purchasing staff.

European regulations are among the most demanding for food professionals, to ensure transparency for consumers.

You are therefore required to comply with all the food traceability obligations. Today, information technology allows you to fulfil food traceability obligations simply and safely.

Digitisation of your Health Control Plan allows you to save time and therefore money. It also allows you to avoid the heavy fines handed down due to human error.

The digitisation system for your zest HACCP solution Health Control Plan is the result of many years of research and design to offer you a reliable system which gives automatic warning when products expire, for example.

Contact zest HACCP solution for more information.

Management of non-compliant products

Health Control Plan - manage non-compliant products Your business needs to manage non-compliant products in order to prevent unintentional use or supply of such products.

You are required to establish a documented procedure in order to define inspections and responsibilities for processing of non-compliant products.

Digitisation of your Health Control Plan with zest HACCP solution allows simplified management of non-compliant products in accordance with regulatory food traceability systems.

Digitising management of your non-compliant products allows you to avoid human errors. zest HACCP solution automatically ensures management of your products with use-by dates and best-before dates, so that you will no longer have any products left behind on your shelves that could lead to high fines in the event of health authority inspections.

Digitised management of non-compliant products allows you to free time for your staff so that they can devote their time to more important tasks.

The digitisation solution for your Health Control Plan

If you have a mass retail outlet, a restaurant, bakery ? Or any other business requiring a Health Control Plan?

zest is the Health Control Plan application you need! Most of the compulsory Health Control Plan procedures in your business are recorded on paper, by hand. This takes a lot of time for your staff and increases the risk of error which can give rise to major health hazards and to high fines in the event of inspections by the health authorities.

Choosing to digitise your Health Control Plan means choosing simplicity, speed and security:

    zest digitisation
  • Simplicity given that zest HACCP solution is optimised to offer you constantly evolving ergonomics. No more work on paper, everything is centralised by information technology.
  • Speed given that you optimise work time for your staff and the intelligence of the zest HACCP solution application allows you to reduce the time devoted to time-consuming tasks that you usually carry out manually.
  • Security given that zest HACCP solution took years of research and development to offer you a carefully prepared, efficient and secure solution. All your data will be stored in a Cloud, avoiding loss of data.

zest digitises your Health Control Plan in its entirety. You have nothing to worry about; our application manages everything for you.

With our application, you have an almost immediate return on investment thanks to fewer product handling operations, a substantial decrease in losses linked to improved management of use-by dates and best-before dates, and no more risks of fines (products left behind on your shelves with expired use-by dates or best-before dates, for example, are a thing of the past with our application).

zest HACCP solution is the only solution referenced by mass food retailing. This is also the only application to manage all the sections of your store (self-service sections and over-the-counter service).

Digitisation of your Health Control Plan

Digital management offer for your Health Control Plan

zest HACCP solution is a package solution to manage your Health Control Plan. Our offer includes:

  • 1. The zest HACCP solution software
  • 2. Customisation of the application to your business
  • 3. Hardware for digitisation of your Health Control Plan (high-resistance IP67 tablets).
  • 4. Installation and training by a qualified operator
  • 5. Full maintenance

Our application is designed to adapt to all business sizes, from small grocery stores to hypermarkets.

zest HACCP solution is compatible with all mass retail equipment and systems.

The last advantage of our solution is its price. We have carefully considered our pricing to ensure that it is fair and affordable and that pricing offers are adapted to all business sizes.

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