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Ensure the traceability of your products in over-the-counter service

For all the sections of your hypermarkets / supermarkets / mini-markets and convenience stores: Meat counter, Delicatessen, Cheese, Fish counter, Bakery, Pastry counter...

Over-the-counter service is required to comply with European regulations concerning hygiene and traceability of foodstuffs.

zest HACCP supports sales outlets in their over-the-counter retailing activities. Our solution allows traceability for all your products, from delivery to sale. Thanks to digitisation, your data are centralised and stored for all your stores of mass retailing. This allows you to supervise your entire chain and share the necessary information with your staff more easily.

The zest HACCP application optimises management of your stores, irrespective of their size. When goods are delivered to your store, supplier labels are recorded in the software to allow comprehensive product monitoring. zest HACCP then monitors their shelf life and displays alerts concerning products to be removed from shelves (expired use-by dates, imminent dates). We are also aware than an increasing number of products are made by you: The system allows you to create recipe cards to facilitate traceability of the products you make.

Allergens and nutritional value are also included in the application, allowing you to manage compulsory labelling requirements. Finally, our table guides you through your in-house monitoring (cleaning plans, temperature readings ...) to ensure better application of your Health Control Plan.

Shelf traceability

  • Receipt of goods > Shelf placement > Sale / Breakage
  • Management, automation of product shelf life
  • Management protocol for non-compliant products
  • Compulsory labelling and recording
  • Photo for archival storage of supplier labels
shelf traceability

manufacturing follow-up

Production monitoring

  • Inventory management and product labelling
  • Production sheet management
  • Traceability of in-store production
  • Monitoring of cooking / cooling temperatures
  • Display of allergens and nutritional values

Decision-making support tool

  • Alerts on products to be removed from shelves: Expired use-by dates, imminent dates
  • Forecasting of expired products
  • Supervision, dashboards and reporting
  • Enhanced use of inventory and markdown
  • Library and shared documents
help with the decision

Health and Safety

Hygiene and safety

  • Protocols, instructions and rules for each task
  • Temperature recordings
  • Cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Traceability of user actions
  • Centralisation of data for all stores