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zest HACCP, for the Mass Retailing

zest HACCP is a trailblazer in digitisation of food traceability in Retailing.Today, you can manage all the aspects of your Health Control Plan with a single interface for all the sections of your store.

Immediate return on investment for your stores

Cost-effective and comprehensive :
  • A single software solution for all your departments
  • Data centralised for all your stores!
Example of savings achieved for a 2,000 m² store:
Time saved in shelf-life management:
€ 1,000 / month
Fewer expired products:
Over € 1,000 / month
Risk of fines eliminated:
Over € 3,000 / year

Either a potential of over € 27,000 / year

zest HACCP
is a package offer: Software + customisation + hardware +
installation/training + maintenance.

Major competitive advantages

  • Functional adaptability to all store formats and departments thanks to implementation of metamodels
  • Compatible with all hardware and systems of Mass Retailing
  • Use of current technological standards
  • Very attractive pricing
competitive advantages

packaged solution

A package solution

  • The solution is customised to your Brand of Mass Retailing, store formats and departments
  • Adaptation & Integration of your procedures
  • Hardware supplied
  • Installation and start-up
  • On-site training
  • Technical assistance / maintenance

A customised solution

  • High-resistance rugged IP67 tablets, spécific to the Mass Retaling
  • Tablets customised to your Brand: software and hardware
Custom solution

safe and economical solution

A safe and cost-effective solution

  • Quick and intuitive ease of use for your teams
  • Time saved daily
  • More reliable and secure data
  • Updating of your article database for all your stores of the Mass Retailing
  • Possible interface with your existing software
  • Integrated delivery notes
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows Mobile