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Simplify the management of your self-service section with
zest HACCP

No more complicated and time-consuming checking of use-by / best-before dates on all the shelves concerned: Fresh produce, ultra-fresh produce, groceries, organic foods...
With zest HACCP, you have 3 major advantages


You save time every day as your teams need to handle only those products concerned by imminent or expired use-by dates.


You save money by reducing your losses and breakage percentage significantly.

Peace of mind

More peace of mind during inspections and increased customer satisfaction.

Every day, zest HACCP helps your teams with shelf placement of foods. Our solution centralises all the data collected and updates data to facilitate cooperation.

Every day, alerts are displayed in the application to indicate expired or imminent use-by / best-before dates. Your teams need only handle the products concerned. This makes it easier for you to comply with your freshness charter. Data is entered easily by means of EAN13 recognition using the tablet’s integrated scanner. The in-house checks carried out by your store are also digitised (cleaning plan, temperature readings, etc.).

zest HACCP supports the quality and traceability monitoring of your Health Control Plan. Many customisable tools are available to you for your self-service section: libraries, dashboards, reporting tools. Your teams will work more professionally and you will increase customer satisfaction.

We focus on a sustainable development approach thanks to better monitoring of waste allowing drastic reduction of food waste in mass retailing.

The self-service version of the application does not merely manage dates: All the functions of zest HACCP Solution are included
(in-house monitoring, temperature readings, document library ...)

Employee The ideal solution for your staff :

As we often see, retail employees are seduced by the simplicity of this solution.

They find it easy to use and are more involved in the HACCP process:

  • Daily alerts: Use-by dates / Best-before dates, imminent dates
  • Less product handling
  • Reduced risk of error
  • More intuitive and modern
Boss The ideal solution for management:

With a simple, almost fun solution, which is very soon cost-effective, you can motivate your teams.

Your HACCP process can be managed more efficiently and more professionally:

  • Decision-making support tool: Dashboard and reporting
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Peace of mind during inspections by official authorities

Immediate return on investment
for your Retail brand

Example of savings achieved for a 2,000 m² store:
Time saved in shelf life management:
€ 1,000 / month
Fewer expired products:
Over € 1,000 / month
Risk of fines eliminated:
Over € 3,000 / year

Either a potential of over € 27,000 / year